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June 7, 2012 Book Reviews, Giveaway 9

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Well, as you may or may not remember, my review of Crimson Midnight (The Crimson Series) was all over the place. I could not wrap my head around that story, or mainly that ending! (If you don’t remember, you can see it here but be warned, it may not make any sense). That book … well let me just say that I have never read a book where the ending made me want to simultaneously throw my Kindle across the room and run out to get the next book, or at least shake the authors down for a super advanced early review copy of it.

So you can bet that I was super excited when they approached me about being included in this tour! AND they gave me a choice of what type of stop I wanted to host. I jumped all over the character interview. I almost chose Raven, but when I realized the interview would be in person, sitting face to face with him, I knew I would not be able to form coherent sentences and I would probably drool on myself a little. So I went with Thistle. She is a hoot and a half. Understandably, when I met her she was a little more subdued; she does have quite a bit going on.

Yes you heard right people, THIS CHARACTER INTERVIEW WAS DONE IN PERSON. Believe it or not; it makes no difference to me. But I was there. The trip through the ether into their world … well, I can say it made me a little nauseous, but I don’t remember much other than that. Below is what I could piece together from my notes, and what Amos and Cassidy told me.Thankfully as writers, they have great memories.

My Interview with Thistle

We’re holding the interview at a secure secret location.  It’s not been easy getting access, and to be honest, we almost gave up. Thankfully, Raven intervened on our behalf and here we are. The room we are shown to is bland; cream walls, coffee-colored carpet, a couple of sofas and a coffee machine. Laura looks nervous but equally excited about the opportunity to interview Thistle face to face, but we are a lot more wary. We know the danger we are in just being here. The plan is to sit back and allow Laura to do the interview and then make a quick exit.

Laura: (Tucks her reddish hair behind her ears and looks to the door in anticipation). Do you think we’ll have to wait long?

Amos: Shouldn’t think so.

The door opens and we both look up to find Thistle framed in the doorway. Her complexion is even paler than usual. Dark smudges decorate the space under her eyes giving her a haunted look.  Dressed in snug black jeans and a deep read long-sleeved T-shirt, her short spiky hair unusually flat and lifeless, she takes a seat on the sofa opposite Laura.

Amos: You look…good, considering.

Thistle: (Smiles weakly).

Cassidy: (Clears her throat and indicates Laura). This is Laura. She’ll be interviewing you today.

Thistle: Hi, Laura. It’s good to meet you.

Laura: You too. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.

Thistle: Honestly…I wasn’t too keen to do an interview. It’s really not the best time, but then I thought, what the hell! It might be fun. I’ve almost forgotten what fun is like.

Laura: (Looks like she is about to ask Thistle to elaborate, but then shakes her head slightly and pulls out her notepad instead). Okay, well let’s get started. Let’s talk about London. I’ve never been there so can you tell me two of your favorite things and two of your least favorite things about living here?

Thistle: (Purses her lips thinking). Only two? But I have so many…let me see…can I have three?

Laura: Sure.

Thistle: (Grins, flashing a little fang) Richmond Park, after a moon ceremony. It used to be so pretty you could really feel Diana’s touch. I loved going to Mystique – it was vamp club in Soho. I could truly be myself there. And my most favorite thing of all was going to Flo’s for dinner. I loved the gatherings we used to have, the delicious meals she would cook. (Sighs deeply).

Laura: (Frowns). Why are you speaking in the past tense?

Thistle: (Looks sharply in Amos’s direction).

Amos: (Shakes his head almost imperceptibly).

Thistle: It seems like I’ve said too much.

Laura: Um…Oh-Kay. What about your least favorite things?

Thistle: Nothing…until now.

Laura: This is one of those comments that I can’t get you to elaborate on right?

Thistle: (Looks apologetic). I’m afraid so.

Laura: That’s cool. Lets see (Glances down at her notepad). So how long have you lived in London?

Thistle: I’ve lived in London for around 158 years, give or take a few.

Laura: You’ve never lived anywhere else?

Thistle: (Shrugs). I’ve just never wanted to live anywhere else.

Laura: How old when you were turned? How long ago?

Thistle: (Smiles snugly). I wasn’t turned. I’m a born vampire.

Laura: What happened to your parents, are they still alive…I mean did they fade?

Thistle: (Gets a faraway look in her eye). It was quite recent. My parents decided to visit a little town called Sunnydale. They never returned. I discovered, they’d fallen prey to a petite sixteen year old blonde with an inexhaustible repertoire of witty retorts.

Laura: Um…are you talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Thistle: (Grins). I love that show. You and I are going to get along just fine.

Laura: (Chuckles). So getting back to your parents…what happened to them?

Thistle: They decided to move on to a colony in Toronto and I decided to stay here. Just as well really because if I had been forced to spend another decade with them I would have staked them myself.

Laura: So not the best relationship then?

Thistle: Let’s just say that nothing I do will ever be good enough. (Thistle puts on a high-pitched voice). Oh, Thistle, do you have to do the Goth thing, you are a vampire after all, is it really necessary. Oh, Thistle, what have you done to your lovely hair (Shudders). They never did understand the concept of a little teenage rebellion.
Laura: So vampire parents aren’t much different from human ones then? Okay, next question – what’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being a vamp?

Thistle: I love everything about being a vamp, I love me.

Laura: How did you and Roman meet? What initially attracted you to him?

Thistle: I could sense the size of his cock with my special cockstimation vampy sense.

Cassidy: (Looks horrified). Thistle!

Thistle: (Rolls her eyes). Okay, if you must know, the first time I saw him was outside The Whisper. He was scoffing a foot-long Subway, with extra onion. There was some dappy looking brunette all over him. I had to admire his dedication to that Subway in the face of all the female attention he was getting. The woman even had her hand down his jeans.  I can never resist a challenge, and at that moment it was my challenge to get him to drop that brunette and then the Subway. I crossed the street and sashayed right up to him. He never did finish that Subway and the brunette was history (Winks).

Laura: What was your first impression of Rose? What made you decide to trust and befriend her, before that attack?

Thistle: Hmmm…First impressions, gosh she’s really blonde. I remember checking out her roots. With regards to trusting her…I don’t know, you could say it was instinct. Us vamps are pretty good with the instincts.
Laura: Do you have to be invited in to someone’s house or is that a myth?

Thistle: Seriously? (Rolls her eyes). Myth.

Laura: Favorite ways to pamper yourself?

Thistle: Get my hair done (Fingers her hair). It’s been a while. I miss Sheila’s All Night Salon. (Pouts).

Laura: Favourite dessert?

Thistle: A nice mug of A-Positive. (Leans forward and sniffs the air around Laura). Shame.

Laura: (Smiles nervously).

Laura: Best vacation you have ever taken?

Thistle: Hands down my trip to Norway a couple of years ago. The Northern Lights were amazing.

Laura: Describe your dream date.

Thistle: (Shrugs). It’s not something I really think about. You mind if we skip that one?

Laura: No problem. But can I ask instead, without giving anything away to those that don’t know your recent history, how are you holding up? Where do you think things will go from here?

Thistle: (Glances at Amos and Cassidy, who shrug helplessly). Well-

The air is ripped by the screech of a siren. Everyone snaps to attention. Laura yelps sharply.

Laura: What’s going on?

Thistle jumps off the sofa as the door bursts open and Gabriel’s tall, broad form fills the doorway.

Gabriel: Thistle, we need to go, now!  (Shoots Amos, Cassidy and Laura an apologetic look). You guys best get going (His voice is filled with urgency).

Thistle: Sorry, guys, gonna have to cut this one short.

Thistle and Gabriel disappear out the room.

Amos: (Rips a doorway into The Ether). Come on! (Grabs Cassidy’s and Laura’s hands).

Cassidy: I hate this bit.

Laura: Why?

The world spins into darkness.

*Shudders* Even reading over that makes me a bit queasy. So now, on to the free stuff! Amos and Cassidy, with some help from Thistle, are giving away an e-copy of Crimson Midnight! It is super easy to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment with one question you would have asked Thistle if you had the chance … who knows, maybe she will even answer! The winner will be chosen by The contest will run until June 14th, so tell your friends! And don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour!

And of course, if you don’t win, you can buy your very own e-copy by clicking on the cover:

Good luck! And thank you again to Amos, Cassidy, and Thistle, for allowing me this rare glimpse into your world. I can’t wait for book two! 🙂

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    • littleread1

      Thanks! It is new, and the authors are great. 🙂 You really should. I am beta-reading book 2 … and all I can say is holy crap.

  1. Denise Z

    Thank you for the awesome interview and giveaway opportunity. What I would like to know is if Thistle ever got to meet Spike 😉 I have been trying to follow the tour and am really looking forward to the read.

  2. Amos Casssidy

    Thistle just sent us an email saying that she did indeed meet Spike once at the Salmon and Ball Pub in Bethnal Green, East London. They had a right laugh, apparently 🙂

    Amos and Cassidy xxx

  3. Dale Ibitz

    Cool interview. Interesting characters, and I’m definitely curious about the ending!

  4. Bridget Howard

    Great interview. This book sounds great and I would love to read it!!!

  5. Robin Thompson

    No question, but did you get the iphone video to post? That would be something to see

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