Spoiler-Free Review: Blood of a Thousand Stars by Rhoda Belleza

February 23, 2018 Book Reviews 0 ★★★½

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Spoiler-Free Review: Blood of a Thousand Stars by Rhoda BellezaBlood of a Thousand Stars (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #2) by Rhoda Belleza
Series: Empress of a Thousand Skies #2
Published by Razorbill on February 20th 2018
Genres: Fiction, Sci Fi, Science Fiction, Siblings, Social Issues, YA, Young Adult
Pages: 344
Format: Audio CD
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With a revolution brewing, Rhee is faced with a choice: make a deal with her enemy, Nero, or denounce him and risk losing her crown.


Framed assassin Alyosha has one goal in mind: kill Nero. But to get his revenge, Aly may have to travel back to the very place he thought he’d left forever—home.


Kara knows that a single piece of technology located on the uninhabitable planet Wraeta may be the key to remembering—and erasing—the princess she once was.


Villainous media star Nero is out for blood, and he’ll go to any means necessary to control the galaxy.

Vicious politics and high-stakes action culminate in an epic showdown that will determine the fate of the universe.

Blood of a Thousand Stars is the second and final book in the Empress of a Thousand Skies duology. It cannot be read as a stand-alone, and as such, this review will contain spoilers for book one. However, there will be no spoilers for this book.

Have you ever read a book that had all the elements you love in a story, and yet, for some reason you can’t quite nail down, it just doesn’t blow you away like it should? That. I WANTED to love this story, I mean it is young adult sci-fi with a slight romantic aspect, which is something that excites me lately. I just … liked it OK. Maybe it had been too long since I read book one, and it took me too long to get back into the story, to figure out the terminology and characters again. Maybe I was just in a bad mood when I picked it up. I don’t know.

With all that said … I almost don’t want to write any more than this. I don’t want you to NOT read it because I couldn’t get into it. The story is solid if predictable, the universe is complex and the societies are beautifully complex and diverse. The writing is beautiful, and the story wraps up in such a way that you are left pretty satisfied for the most part. I disagree with the ending, but that is more on me than anything else.

Basically, I want you to go read this and come back and tell me why I am wrong. 🙂


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