Review: Scorched by: Mari Mancusi

February 8, 2014 Book Reviews 2 ★★★★½

Review: Scorched by: Mari MancusiScorched by Mari Mancusi
Series: Scorched #1
Also in this series: , Smoked (Scorched, #3)
on September 3, 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Sci Fi, YA
Pages: 352
Source: Amazon
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Don’t leave me here... It starts with a whisper. At first Trinity thinks she’s going crazy. It wouldn’t be a big surprise—her grandpa firmly believes there’s a genuine dragon egg in their dusty little West Texas town. But this voice is real, and it’s begging for her protection. Even if no one else can hear it...

He’s come from a future scorched by dragonfire. His mission: Find the girl. Destroy the egg. Save the world.

He’s everything his twin brother Connor hates: cocky, undisciplined, and obsessed with saving dragons.

Trinity has no idea which brother to believe. All she has to go by is the voice in her head—a dragon that won’t be tamed.

I went into this book for leisure, and yes I’m one of those horrible bloggers that doesn’t review leisure reads…yes I know, reviews are good for the authors, and I know it’s the least I can do to give back for the awesome story they’ve allowed me to read and experience. So here I am, reviewing this book because I found that I liked it more than I expected, and I wanted you all to know.

I’ve read other Mari Mancusi books and have enjoyed the fun, adventure, action, and romance in them, but this one was different. There was less humor, two totally yummy boys, and Trinity who is just trying to hang on day by day. And also dragons, who doesn’t love dragons? (Insert here my love of Game of Thrones and Khaleesi). 🙂 So back to why this book surprised me, I think because everything else I’ve read by MM was either fun/light reading or was just a miss for me (Tomorrow Land), I didn’t have very high expectations of Scorched. I found myself really enjoying Trinity’s perspective and that of Caleb and Connor. The beginning of this story starts off in a museum, a fossil museum to be exact and Trinity’s Grandfather has a surprise for her. A dragon egg. Trinity can’t believe that they are in danger of losing their home and he’s buying dragon eggs.

I really enjoyed this book. But the last few pages sealed the deal for me, I won’t give anything away so that’s all I’ll say. Fortunately, the reason I even picked up Scorched was that it was a Kindle daily deal and I got it for $1.99 so since I had planned on picking it up at some point, so I just bought it. Anyone who enjoys MM’s writing will enjoy this book and also anyone who loves dragons and dystopians will love it too.


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2 Responses to “Review: Scorched by: Mari Mancusi”

  1. Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook

    I picked this one up at BEA last year, but have yet to get to it. The main problem being that I have stacks of books everywhere and tend to pile things on top of the book stacks. If I can’t see them, I forget they’re there. So one of my goals is to get my books organized so I can find books easily.
    I loved the cover and found the plot to be interesting, which is why I picked it up. Guess I should really take the time to read it.

    • Emmalee

      🙂 That’s what happens when you love books, even though you have enough to last you for years, you keep buying more!

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