Review: Lucky and the Falling Felon by Emmy Grace

September 20, 2019 Book Reviews, Book Tour 0

by Emmy Grace



**Lucky Boucher never has to go looking for trouble. Trouble finds her just fine all on its own.**

What do a dead guy, a stolen pig, and night vision goggles have in common?

In this case, me.

Hi, I’m Annabelle Boucher, but everyone calls me Lucky. Despite my nickname, I’m a magnet for trouble. I can get myself into more jams and pickles than ants at a picnic. My most recent predicament involves being nearly killed by a dead body then finding a note that implicates me in the murder. My only option is to find the killer and clear my name. Fortunately, I have the help of a surly ex FBI agent, a 102-year-old mobster that looks like Mrs. Claus, and my wacky menagerie of rescue animals.

Many of my stories begin with me doing something “inadvisable” and end with me catching a criminal. This one is no different. But you’ll soon learn that, with me, the middle is where things always get interesting.


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Product testing shouldn’t put your life in danger…..or could it? For Lucky Boucher – the trouble that seems to lurk around every corner just came barreling through the sky. While on a product testing run, Lucky finds herself skydiving right into the body of a dead man. Where did this unlucky duck come from? Why is he in the middle of nowhere?


With so many questions surrounding the mysterious circumstances that Lucky landed in the middle of, it’s no wonder the amateur detective is determined to uncover answers. There are secrets surrounding this debacle that might place Lucky in the middle of a case that is sure to bring trouble knocking at her door. In spite of all the quirkiness, Lucky has quite the expertise in solving crimes. After all – Annabelle Boucher earned the name ‘Lucky’ for a reason. Let’s hope that her luck doesn’t run out before this crime is solved.


Lucky and the Fallen Felon is the first book in the Carriage House Capers by Emmy Grace. It is full of sarcasm and hilarious antics that kept me entertained throughout the book. With a menagerie of animals incorporated in the daily antics of our heroine, there is no wonder the chaos of this wannabe detective will keep you laughing while the current mystery unravels. Who knew fumbling through the chaos of solving a mystery could be so entertaining? Let Lucky guide you through the unsolved mystery that will show you why Annabelle earned the nickname ‘Lucky’!!




About Emmy Grace

I’m a writer, mostly of awesomely fun mysteries that no one should take too seriously. I imagine that I should probably say something deep and profound about my life’s philosophy, but I’d much rather fling facts like cool ninja throwing stars.

FACT: I’m a devoted if slightly neurotic wife, an indefatigable lover of animals, and an absolute fanatic of all things funny.

FACT: I’m probably alarmingly similar to Lucky, minus the daredevil streak and the unbreakable parts, and I’m convinced that I have the best job in the history of the world.

FACT: I’m such a homebody that seeing me out in the wild is something like spotting Sasquatch, only with less hair and less fanfare.

FACT: I’m a nerd and a Southerner, and my preferred wardrobe consists of pants that stretch and a t-shirt with writing on it.

FACT: I smile at everyone, hate to cook but love to eat, and occasionally get confused by the face I see in the mirror. Wasn’t I twenty-four just, like, yesterday?

FACT: I think life is hard some days, and the best way through is, well, through. Might as well do it with a happy heart and a grateful soul, amiright?

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