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My life is a hot mess.

Single, working, and raising two daughters, it’s a miracle I get us up, dressed, and fed every morning. Forget about dating–nobody’s got time for that. Even if love hadn’t left me jaded, I’m not settling for anything less than perfect this time around.

Lucky for me, the perfect man just happens to work in my office. But there’s just one small problem: he’s my boss, and is totally off limits. But hey, if it’s meant to be, it’ll find a way, right?

Then a night out with friends turns into a night in with the walking-talking bad boy cliche of a bartender. It’s just one night. No harm, no foul, right?

Except when the hot bartender turns out to be my boss’s trouble-making brother, who wants more than just one night with me. The more I resist the spark between us, the more I find myself wanting him too. Which puts me in the middle of what could be the biggest sibling rivalry of the century.

Life is messy.

And love?

Well, love is even messier.


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Trying to balance a career and motherhood can be daunting. To accomplish that task as a single parent….well, the stressors become even greater.  For Lexi – working as an editor at a publishing house can be consuming. The late nights spent reading, long after putting her children to bed, can leave you running on fumes. Adding to that the constant ex that doesn’t pull his weight or bother to see his children on his scheduled days, and you have one tired mom on your hands.


Determined to help Lexi have a little fun, her friends organize a Girls Night Out at a local bar. With a little encouragement and strength fueled by alcohol, Lexi finds herself agreeing to go home with the bartender. Luke is nothing like Lexi expected and their attraction heats up between the sheets. With a perfect morning after between the two coming to an end, Lexi uncovers something that rocks her world. Luke’s brother is none other than Lexi’s boss!!  As they say – no harm no foul, only this time Lexi finds that she can’t simply leave her encounter with Luke in the dust.


Hot Mess by Emily Goodwin is the first book in the Love is Messy series. It is a true representation of single moms everywhere who try to balance romance and a career. The building romance between Luke and Lexi was definitely sweet and just the right medicine for this mom of two. What I found when diving into this story was the predictability of the novel. While there was that ‘sweet factor’ and certainly plenty of sex, I found the relationship as predictable as peanut butter.


The triangle between Cole, Lexi and Luke could have been played out with so much more depth. A push pull between the brothers was believable but didn’t hold the mystery that I think was intended with the path of the plot. So for me this book was just ‘okay’….nothing overboard…nothing that knocked my socks off.


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