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February 17, 2014 Author Feature, Guest Post 4

by Nicki Scalise
Favorite Authors February

Today I’ve decided to feature Nicki Scalise for Favorite Authors February. Nicki is the author of Prayer for the Dead, a book I recently read and fell in love with. My review for it will be posting very soon, I can assure you of that! Nicki has been nice enough to write up a guest post for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it, I know thought it was sweet 🙂

Love, It Hurts So Good!
By Nicki Scalise

Ah, February. The time of year when everything is washed in shades of pink, bouquets of roses are at every turn, and cardboard hearts filled with glorious chocolates beg to be taken home. By the time you read this, Valentine’s Day will be over, but I hope you received some pretty bling and a kiss from your sweetheart. With the warm and fuzzies still lingering in the air, I thought love would be a good topic for this post. Not just any love though, unrequited, to be more specific. Why, might you ask? Because, as a reader, it’s my favorite kind.

I must confess, I’m a girl who becomes thoroughly annoyed if characters fall in love too quickly. Now that’s not to say I don’t enjoy lust at first sight, instant attraction and chemistry, because I do. They’re the perfect precursors for two would-be sweethearts to muck up their relationship in its infancy.


For me, there’s nothing better than watching two characters, who are destined to be soul mates, fight forces of the universe or struggle to overcome themselves, to be together. Stories like that make my heart ache and I love every painful second of it.

A good love story should have interrupted stolen moments, a strong longing for one another, and all the heartbreak that goes along with it. No one writes this better than J.R. Ward in The Blackdagger Brotherhood Series. Those novels perfectly illustrate my favorite kind of tortured love. Every time I read one, it feels as if an elephant is sitting on my chest; a beautiful, sad, magical elephant.


However, there is a fine line for these relationships. It seems to be very easy to go from  characters needing to find themselves before they can find each other, to wanting to tear my hair out because, as a reader, I’ve grown tired of their shenanigans.

I sound a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to the romance department. Don’t I?

These characters fall for each other too soon.

These characters draw it out too long.

But these characters do it just right… or do they?

Although, I root for the love birds and long for them to finally come together, when it finally does happen, I usually feel let down. As soon as they begin acting like a couple, I grow bored. What can I say? Happily ever after just doesn’t do it for me. I want the tension, the fighting that comes with it, and all the passion that holds the whole mess together. I guess that makes me hard to please, but you don’t have to take my word for it, just ask my husband. He’ll tell ya.


prayer for the dead


A story about a girl who lived, died, and met a guy… in that order.
Is it possible to find true love and happiness, while condemned to purgatory until the end of days?
Olivia Brennan wasn’t eager to find out. Working for a division of Purgatory and Associates, her job consisted of one headache after another, caused by the impatient souls waiting to move onto eternal paradise. After a hard day at work, she was most content to stay home, watching reruns or reading a book. Aside from a few friends occasionally forcing socialization, her afterlife was nothing special.
That all changed the moment Drake walked into her life. He was handsome, charming, and had a sadness behind his eyes she could relate to. It seemed that Fate had finally brought her a kindred spirit…
But could Olivia move past her own dark regrets of the life she left behind or would falling for him demand the ultimate sacrifice—herself?


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About Nicki Scalise

Nicki Scalise lives in Colorado with her husband, Jon. They share their home with four dogs and a chinchilla. When not busy dealing with the chaos her four-legged critters bring, she spends her time reading, re-watching Firefly, and gazing out the window at the scenic mountain landscape… or staring at the wall. Prayer for the Dead, book one of the Revenants in the Purgatory series, is her debut novel.

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