New Release & Review: Say Yes by Kandi Steiner

June 24, 2021 Book Reviews, Book Tour 0 ★★★★

New Release & Review: Say Yes by Kandi SteinerSource: Author
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Art has the ability to speak to your soul. The intended meaning oftentimes lying in the eye of the artist who created the art. For Harley Chambers, the chance to study abroad and broaden her horizons often seems too good to be true. As a perfectionist, Harley finds life in Florence isn’t quite adding up to the dream she held in her mind.


Life in Florence is full of new opportunities and inspiration. The classes that Harley attends are meant to help her focus on being the best that she can with her art techniques. The professor that leads the class Harley attends has left the American torn about the quality of her work. Doubt and indecision creep into Harley’s brain anytime the professor hands down a critique. To make matters worse, Harley believes one of her fellow classmates is mocking her abilities and disabilities.


What Harley didn’t realize is the fact Liam Benson is hiding his own struggles through his artwork. Liam is more about letting his emotions transpire across the canvas than learning the proper techniques. Those last-minute painting sessions that Liam pulls make Harley doubt her abilities when compared to how long she devotes to her canvas. All of that uncertainty will pour out of Harley after devoting one night to saying ‘yes’ to everything. One night that left a change in Harley that would change the course of her personal life and the focus on her art.


Say Yes is the latest release by Kandi Steiner. This standalone devotes its pages to the premise of living life to the fullest. Harley and Liam are two characters who have faced many trials in life. All of the pain, heartache, and rays of sunshine have led them to the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. As with any artist, life can be transformed into any outlet. Liam and Harley are the epitome of that sentiment. Each nuance of what transpires in both of their lives will take on a new life through the eyes of an artist. This story was definitely full of ‘aha’ moment that will leave you with an appreciation for ‘seizing the day’.






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