New Release & Review: Save Me by Tiffany Snow

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by Tiffany Snow
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In this fast-paced romantic suspense, China Mack will make one final choice.

Computer genius China Mack may be the former head of Vigilance, the government’s clandestine spy program, but she can still be knocked off balance. And two back-to-back personal blows have thrown her into a tailspin.

While her relationship with tech billionaire Jackson Cooper is on the rocks, China is testing the boundaries of what she feels for man-of-mystery Clark Slattery. But when China learns that her mother’s death sixteen years ago wasn’t an accident, she can’t rest until she knows the truth. And China’s own father, an elusive ex–CIA agent, might have been the killer. To avenge her mother’s death, she needs help, and both Jackson and Clark step up to the plate. But when her investigation is linked to a decades-old international plot to hack the New York Stock Exchange, putting both of the men she loves in danger, China must make an impossible decision to keep them safe.

As the three of them are plunged into a far-reaching conspiracy, China’s notions of love and trust are turned upside down. For China, this final case couldn’t be more personal—or more dangerous.


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While many people listen to their head where love is concerned, it isn’t always possible when your heart is involved. For China Mack – the affections of two very different men complicates the dynamic in her life. Jackson can’t let China go, but chooses to hang on ‘around the edges’ waiting for an opportunity to find his way back into her heart. Clark knows what he wants, but is waiting for China to get on the same page. A triad of the most unusual kind!


With a determination to find her father, China sets out on a journey with unexpected revelations. The biggest ‘lead’ comes from President Blaine Kirk’s right hand – Kade Dennon (Kathleen Turner series!!). The cat is out of the bag, and China finds the secrets keep coming out of the woodwork. Then China’s brother sends a ‘gift’  – a Chinese puzzle box – that unlocks a secret that her mother kept hidden. The ride gets even more bumpy when China’s journey leads her to an investigation of corrupted software, the New York Stock Exchange, and an elderly man that is in possession of something that China needs.


The adventures just keep on rolling for China, bringing the danger that can only exist in her world. Jackson and Clark are determined to keep China safe, and win back her heart. The only question is which man will she choose? Who will be the one standing at the end? Only time will tell and knowing China….the choice will not be ‘easy’!!


Are we really at the end of another Tiffany Snow series?? Let me tell you, Tiffany can write the best love triangles!! Jackson and Clark are the perfect duo to have vying for your attention!! I have been rooting for Jackson throughout the series. Does he win China’s heart? Well….you will just have to read the series yourself to discover this secret!!




About Tiffany Snow

Tiffany attended the University of Missouri – Columbia, attaining two degrees in History and Social Studies Education. After working many years as an instructor and consultant in the Information Technology field, Tiffany now writes full-time.
Tiffany loves to read and has been reading romance novels since she was way too young to read such things. She has an unhealthy obsession for all things Doctor Who, prefers Pepsi to Coke and Absolut to both, thinks men who drink girly cocktails are wusses, has learned to never stop believing in her beloved St. Louis Cardinals, and can recite the entire scripts of When Harry Met Sally and Apollo 13. George Washington is cool, Bon Jovi still rocks the house, and Bruce Willis is the ultimate alpha-male hero.
Married with two wonderful daughters, Tiffany and her family make their home in Kansas City, Missouri, not far from where she was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

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