New Release & Review: Ivan by Kit Rocha

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by Kit Rocha
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As the sheltered princess of Sector One, Maricela’s life is defined by duty: to her people and to her family. Her wealth and influence have allowed her to build a better world, but they come with a price—the responsibility to secure political stability with a practical marriage. Maricela cherishes the idea of marrying for love, but there’s not much romance in the endless line of suitors interested only in prestige and power.

And her handsome, brooding new bodyguard isn’t helping the situation.

Ivan is the perfect, deadly warrior, a man trained from childhood to be the ultimate protector to the Rios family. His focus on keeping her safe is intense–and a little intoxicating. When the threat of danger cracks his icy control, Maricela realizes she’s not the only one fighting against temptation.

Ivan knows that the blood on his hands makes him unworthy of the pure-hearted princess. But from the first kiss, their forbidden affair feels inevitable. He can give her a glimpse of life outside her gilded cage and a lover who wants the woman instead of the crown. The only thing he can never do is promise her forever.

Because spurning her noble suitors to marry her bodyguard wouldn’t just be a scandal. It could set off a political firestorm that would tear Sector One apart.


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Politics is still the driving force in the Sectors. The Rios family is no exception to the corruption that is rampant in their sector. Gideon is feeling the repercussions of attacks against his Riders. Questions are swirling about who could be at the bottom of the attacks. Getting to the bottom of things rests completely on the shoulders of Gideon and the Riders.


As the youngest Rios, Maricela knows the pressures of living within the power struggles surrounding her family. Constant pressure from those wanting to gain favor with the Rios family weighs heavily on Maricela’s shoulders. The one thing that Maricela wants is something that she cannot have. A man who desires her for only her inner self. Someone to heat up her heart and her bed. That man is Ivan.


Shame and humiliation follow Ivan in spite of his status as a Rider. While his family committed treason long ago, Ivan has never been anything but loyal and sincere. When Ivan needed it most, Gideon offered the security and solitude of being a Rider. Something that Ivan takes seriously and completely to heart. Now that Ivan is slated to protect Maricela, his loyalty to Gideon is tested. After all, how can one man resist anything as beautiful as Maricela.


With his assignment sparking interest from the people of their sector, Ivan fights the attraction that surely is visible for all to see. As the two find themselves in danger, Ivan realizes that he can no longer keep his feelings for Maricela at bay. How will they handle the conflict that their status represents to their community, sector, and most of all Gideon?


Ivan and Maricel’s tale is one that I didn’t see coming!! I must admit, their story was one I thought I could ‘take or leave’ in regards to the series. What I found was an intricate back story to the plight and hierarchy of the Sector governed by the Rios family. Deceptions, secrets, and unseen enemies littered this tale of forbidden love. Making the story an enjoyable view of the Sector that the ‘royal family’ calls home.


The layout of life under Gideon’s reign is becoming layered in deception and greed by the minute. Following this leader and his Riders through the chaos is certainly complex, but is definitely engaging in spite of only having tidbits from our favorite O’Kanes. Mad does make an appearance in Ivan and Maricela’s story. Making the thrill of this plot even more enticing. With so much at stake for Gideon and the Riders, there seems to be more to this Sector that has yet to be uncovered.




About Kit Rocha

Kit Rocha is actually two people—Bree & Donna, best friends who are living the dream. They get paid to work in their pajamas, talk on the phone, and write down all the stories they used to make up in their heads.

Beyond Shame was their first dystopian erotic romance. They also write paranormal romance as Moira Rogers. You can find them on the web at the following places:

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