New Release & Review: Girl On A String by Leah Montgomery

July 10, 2019 Book Reviews, Book Tour 0

by Leah Montgomery
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Keeping up with the perfect life isn’t easy, and Emma Kramer Sterling has the perfect life. She has wealth, status, and a husband that’s the envy of every woman. Sure, she has to self-medicate occasionally, but who in her circle doesn’t?

But Emma’s life isn’t nearly as perfect as she thought. In fact, it’s a house of cards, and it’s getting ready to come tumbling down.

A frightened woman in need of help shows up at Emma’s door. Emma leaves the room and, when she returns, the woman and her child are gone. There is no evidence that they were there, but Emma knows what she saw. Doesn’t she?

She might’ve been able to convince her friends and family, and even herself, of the truth if that had been the only incident. But it wasn’t. It was only the first.

In a few short weeks, Emma goes from belle of the ball to social outcast. Everyone in her life thinks she’s crazy. And they might not be wrong. The Kramers have a secret after all, and Emma could be following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

Murder was never part of the deal before.

But it is now.


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Living a life that centers around parties and privilege, Emma knows all too well how important appearances are to status distinctions. When an unexpected visitor show up at her door, Emma finds herself doubted by those in her life when there is no evidence that there was ever a stranger in her home. This encounter started a chain of events where Emma’s use of sleep aids and alcohol became the center of focus.


Determined to prove that she isn’t losing her mind, Emma sets out to prove the event actually happened. The only problem? Now – there isn’t just one incident that can’t be explained. There are several unexplained moments that only convince others that Emma isn’t working with all of her faculties.  How can this happen? As Emma’s determination to prove she isn’t making up things in her head increases, the doubt of what she actually saw begins to cast a shadow that only grows larger by the moment.


Girl on a String is the first psychological thriller from an author that many have loved for years. This is the first ‘dipping of the toes’ from Leah Montgomery into this specific genre, and I can honestly say that I look forward to watching out for the novels that are on the horizon. The premise of Girl on a String is very easy to imagine, but what transpires as the story progresses isn’t as easy to figure out.


While the novel is labeled a thriller, it’s more of a puzzle that you will find yourself struggling to figure out. The pieces are there, you just need to work out the details. The details are layered with a few family secrets that will throw you off the trail. Emma’s sanity is front and center for the journey. Will you figure out what is lurking beneath the surface or will you learn all of the secrets once Montgomery lays it at your feet? Only time will tell just how skillful you are at figuring out the secrets that lie behind the closed doors of Emma’s life. Good luck!!




About Leah Montgomery

I love a good mystery, don’t you? I’ve always loved reading them and watching them, trying to figure them out. Now I love crafting them. It’s a mind-blowing blessing to be able to do the work that I truly love every day of the week, every week of the year. I’m living proof that dreams DO come true. Here’s to chasing them!

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