New Release & Review: Four Witches and a Funeral by Daisy Prescott

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by Daisy Prescott
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If you’ve ever wished for the power of invisibility, I advise you to rethink your superpower.

Sure, temporary invisibility might be cool. But what if it becomes your normal? Let me tell you, it’s not as fun as it seems. Neither is being a ghost.

I miss kissing. I miss my boyfriend.

If this is eternity, I’d like a refund.

Someone or something powerful is coming. There’s a new coven in Boston and a new spirit witch has joined the Wicked Society.

Good. It’s been forever since I’ve had some fun.

Four Witches and a Funeral is the final book in the Wicked Society series of interconnected, lighthearted paranormal romances with a cozy mystery twist.


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What a surprise to find out that Four Witches and a Funeral by Daisy Prescott would feature ALICE!!! Now – if you are a fan of the series then you know that Alice is the ‘resident ghost’. Alice had captivated me throughout the series, while leaving me laughing and some of her antics. The sassy attitude, snark (if a ghost can have snark), and humorous antics that Alice is known for culminate to give fans of the series one of the best wrap ups to date.


Reading the previous books you are aware that Alice left this realm around 15 years ago. The details have remained a mystery…..until now! Everything that readers learned about Alice in the first two books of the series will come together in a way that was definitely full of Alice-isms!! Alice will lead Madison, Tate, Andrew & Sam on the adventure that answers all of the questions they have been trying to uncover during their internship.


This mystery will unfold with a few tears and a LOT of laughs. Alice’s story will unfold with a lot of surprises. How will it all turn out? Only time and a few witchy spells will tell…..a wonderful ending to a series that I have enjoyed from beginning to end.






About Daisy Prescott

Daisy Prescott is a USA Today bestselling author of small town romantic comedies. Series include Modern Love Stories, Wingmen, Love with Altitude, as well as the Bewitched and Wicked Society series of magical novellas. Tinfoil Heart is a romantic comedy standalone set in Roswell, New Mexico. 


Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband, their rescue dog Mulder, and an indeterminate number of imaginary house goats. When not writing, she can be found in the garden, traveling to satiate her wanderlust, lost in a good book, or on social media, usually talking about books, bearded men, and sloths.  

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