New Release: Nova by Rebecca Yarros plus GIVEAWAY, Excerpt & Review

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by Rebecca Yarros
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The only heart he wants is the one he already broke…

He’s Landon Rhodes.

The Renegade they call Nova.

Sinfully gorgeous, broody, tatted-up, professional snowboarder.

Four-time X Games medalist—

Full-time heartbreaker.


They say a girl broke him once—

That’s why he’s so reckless, so driven, so careless with his conquests.


But I’m that girl.

They can call me his curse all they want.

He and I both know the truth—

He’s the one who destroyed me,

And I’m not the sucker who will let that happen again.
***NOVA can be read as a standalone***


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“How many have there been, Landon? How many memories are in your bed nowadays?” She forged on ahead, her eyes glossing over with a layer of what I was hesitant to call tears. “Can you remember them all?”

Heat rushed through my veins, a nauseating mixture of anger, shame, and the bitter taste of regret. My brain screamed at me to retreat and lick my wounds, to try again with her when she wasn’t on offense.

My heart reminded me that I was going to have to fight for this woman with every weapon in my arsenal if I wanted her.

And damn, I wanted her. Craved her. Needed her.

She was the only one I’d ever felt connected to—the only one my heart woke up and shook off the ice for. The only woman who challenged me and took me down in the process.

I stepped forward and clamped both of my hands on the table, boxing her between my arms. She craned her head to keep my gaze, unwilling to back down. It was the quality that both frustrated the hell out of me and turned me on faster than anything—her constant refusal to yield for just a fucking second.
 “Can I remember them all? Probably not.”

She snorted.

“You want to know why?” I didn’t wait for her to answer. “Because blonde, redhead, brunette—I saw their features for a millisecond. The moment I had one of them in my bed, they all had eyes the color of dark chocolate and hair so black it was almost blue…” I glanced at her hair. “Or purple. I never needed to remember them, because they were always you.”

“Don’t say things like that,” she begged. As if I could physically see her walls start to crumble, she softened. “You don’t get to say things like that to me. Not anymore.






Escaping your past is sometimes easier said than done. For Landon Rhodes – the past is all about Rachel. A girl that stole the extreme sports enthusiasts heart. The future that Landon walked away from. Leaving him with a gapping hole in his heart. A deep fissure that compounds with every girl that has come his way since. The ‘curse’ that haunted his sports career… the media said. The one reason that he will never be complete.

Rachel never could have predicted that this chance of a lifetime college program would lead her back to face the one person from her past that still haunted her dreams. Coming face to face with Landon is like pouring Fireball down your throat. All that velvety goodness staring at you until you consume it. Then you experience a ‘fire’ that burns you from within. Yes…that is how it feels to come face to face with the man that broke your heart. Two years wasn’t enough time to get over the hurt, pain and heartache that Landon left in his wake.

Now that a little ‘meddling’ has landed these two in the same space again, Landon is ravaged by the thoughts of having Rachel so close. The question is…how does Landon reconcile all of the pain that he caused the one person that means so much in his life? Rachel is determined to give him the cold shoulder, but Landon has other plans. As he glimpses hints of the girl he fell in love with so long ago, Landon becomes more determined to find a way to make up for all of the hurt he caused Rachel so long ago.

With shared classes, stunts, and a love of the ‘extreme’, it’s hard for Rachel to stay away from Nova. Every time Rachel is around the fearless advances of Nova, she is quickly reminded of how Landon spent all of his nights while they were apart. A twisted reminder of how little she ranked in the grand scheme of things. As hard as Rachel tries to shy away from the painful reminders of her past, Landon comes crashing through her walls. Showing her that there will always be a part of her heart owned by the fearless stuntman. What will be the cost for giving in to the love that clearly still holds onto both their hearts? Is it all a façade? When will the walls come crashing down again? Only time will tell …the question that remains is will Rachel give love one last chance?

I could not wait to get my hands on Nova. Wilder was one of my Top Reads of 2016. So the anticipation was killing me to find out more about Landon. Well – the wait was so worth it!! The tangled romance that Rachel and Landon have is full of adventure and secrets. Some revelations you expect, and others that you don’t.

Just like the stunts London is known for performing, the road to romance will not be easy. As a reader, you will be pulled into the tale by the determination that Landon shows for making things between Rachel and himself a top priority. As Rachel once said, Landon shines like a supernova. What she didn’t realize is how that light would consume her once again. A determination to shower Rachel with love once more.

Yarros pours her creativity into writing a love story amidst the adventures of the extreme sports industry. Nova is packed with such detailed plots that carry you into this insane world of sports. Each vivid detail can be imagined and felt through the book. Leading readers deeper into the lives of the characters. A true testament to researching and creating a realistic tale. An extreme ride into the lives of some seriously intense daredevils!!

Now that Nova captivated me with his persistence and deep devotion, I am ready for the ride that Penna is sure to give us with her quest into the world that so few women are a part of!





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About Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo. She is the author of the Flight & Glory series, including Full Measures, the award-winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What is Given, and Hallowed Ground. She loves military heroes, and has been blissfully married to hers for fourteen years.

When she’s not writing, she’s tying hockey skates for her four sons, sneaking in some guitar time, or watching brat-pack movies with her two daughters. She lives in Colorado with the hottest Apache pilot ever, their rambunctious gaggle of kids, an English bulldog who is more stubborn than sweet, and a bunny named General Fluffy Pants who torments the aforementioned bulldog. They recently adopted their youngest daughter from the foster system, and Rebecca is passionate about helping others do the same.

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