Guided by Danielle Young: Top 10 Superheros

September 11, 2014 Book Tour, Guest Post 5

Guided by Danielle Young: Top 10 SuperherosGuided by Danielle Young
Published by Self Published on July 15, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Supernatural, YA, Young Adult
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Jo is a descendant from the most powerful Wiccan family the world has ever known and is destined to be more powerful than those before her.

But she doesn’t even know it. As her powers awaken Jo discovers a threat to her family line.

Protected by her best friends, and GUIDED by her Angel protector, Jo must learn to harness her powers and discover her family secrets before time runs out.

More than her life hangs in the balance.

Top Ten Super’s

Super heroes. That is the subject that Laura has tasked me with today. So sit back I as I give you a list that will be full of both the expected and the unexpected.

1) Iron Man. Plain in simple. For me it will always be Iron Man. He is my number 1 in all super categories. (especially when he is played by Robert Downey Jr.)


2) Harry Potter. Now I know what you are thinking, Harry didn’t do all those things by himself. And you would be right, he had help, he had friends. He was never truly alone, but think about the things he did, the things he was tasked with, and the boy he was despite everything he had been dealt with and you will begin to understand why he is on my list of super heroes.

Harry Potter

3) She-Ra, now she was a grade A badass. She has been one of my favorite supers since I was a kid. I remember wanting to be her. Heck I would still be her.


4) Samwise Gamgee. That’s right, I put Sam on my list. Now I know that Frodo is the one that bore the ring and all that blahbiddy blahbiddy, but do really think that Frodo would have ever made it without Samwise Gamgee? Hell no. Frodo would have fallen prey to the ring or some other evil force if it wasn’t for Sam. He is one hell of a Hobbit and one hell of a super.


5) Legolas the totally kick butt elf that can take down an entire mumakil or oliphaunt (as many know them) by himself. Come on do I really need a reason to put this elf on my list? Um, no. Watch him fight and see his wisdom and you will see. Plus… elf.


6) Elizabeth Bennett. Yes I dared to go there. Of all the female characters out there, Elizabeth is by far my favorite. Who doesn’t like an opinionated woman who also isn’t afraid to admit when they are wrong? I know I do. She was never afraid to speak her mind, even when it wasn’t her place, to me that is a mark of a super.

Elizabeth Bennett

7) Thor. Hammer. God. Awesome. No need to say more.


8) Dirk Pitt from author Clive Cussler. He is MacGyver, James Bond, and Indiana Jones rolled into one. Say no more.

Dirk Pitt

9) Master Chief from Halo. Have you played Halo? Have you seen how freaking amazeballs this guy is? Yes. Then you understand. No. Then get your butt to an Xbox and gain another level in your gaming-cation.

master chief

10) Professor Snape from Harry Potter. We all know what Snape did for Harry. Not once did he make it known, until the very end. He’s definitely a super.


There you have folks, my Top Ten super’s. I’m sure it’s not the list you expected to find, but it is all mine.


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About Danielle Young

Danielle is a first time author, who never imagined she would one day write a book. Then again there are a lot of things she never imagined happening. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, best friend and soul mate. And keeps the company of her five wonderful boys who keep her laughing and young. She currently teaches High School Culinary Arts where she gets to share her love of food and culinary creation with young minds. In her spare time she is a book blogger at Consuming Worlds, a food blogger at Culinary Brainchild, and a contributor at Dumb White Husband. She loves books, gaming, and watching a good movie.

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5 Responses to “Guided by Danielle Young: Top 10 Superheros”

  1. CJ Schindler

    Sounds like a great book! Wiccan Power family? Love it! Great cover as well, my birthstone! 🙂 Your your superhero list, She-Ra was my fave when I was little, thanks for the memories!

      • Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

        Yes Legolas is definitely HAWT! But I also think Iron Man is too, well not Iron Man per se, but more Robert Downey Jr., *drool* That could be one small reason they made my list, but they are definitely amazing in the super category!

        Thanks CJ, glad you like the cover, my cover designer gave me exactly what I wanted and it goes perfectly with the story. I have always loved witches, so this story just had to be told. She-Ra all the way! 😀

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