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January 28, 2013 Book Reviews, Book Tour 2

Sixteen year old Channie Kerns leads an idyllic life of seclusion and magic deep in the Ozark Mountains … until her family is forced to flee for their lives.

They leave everything and everyone behind to start over in Louisville, Colorado. Magic is forbidden while they are in hiding, but Channie can’t resist the temptation to enchant a group of local boys. When her overbearing parents catch her flirting with these “sex-crazed, non-magical delinquents,” they slap a chastity spell on her to protect her virtue.

The spell is triggered by lust, so just navigating the halls at her new school is an ordeal. She can’t even touch a boy she’s attracted to without blasting him with a jolt of magical energy that feels like a taser.

When Channie falls in love with Josh Abrim, a BMX racer with dangerous secrets of his own, she rebels against her parents and turns to dark and forbidden magic to break the chastity spell … with disastrous results.

Quickie Review:

Let me start by saying I read this book almost a year ago and still remember it well enough to review it. That right there is saying something. For me to remember enough detail without re-reading & still feel comfortable writing a review … it has got to be a stand-out book.

Enchantment is that. I was confused at the beginning, having picked it up without even reading the blurb, so I had no idea what was going on. But everything is slowly explained; they have “power names” connected to their abilities. Channie’s parents change hers, which on top of up-rooting her and moving across country & throwing her into a public high school, understandably pisses her off. Then she meets Josh and … O_O They are so flipping sweet. I was rooting for them from the beginning.

Overall, love this story. LOVE Josh & Channie. HATE most everyone else. Ok, not everyone, but many of the side characters you aren’t supposed to like. And trust me, I don’t. I enjoyed this trip into YA so much I read the second book, Taken, immediately after finishing this one, then found out Finding Valor, book 3 *still* isn’t out, and cried a little on the inside.

I will be waiting, not so patiently, for that. *glares at Ms. Abel* 🙂





I was given the unique opportunity to interview Josh, the love interest in Enchantment. He is one adorable kid, and is ready to take on the world … or Channie’s parents … to keep her safe!

So, Josh, first off welcome to Little Read Riding Hood! We are thrilled to have you here!

Thanks. I’m honored to be here.

Why don’t we start off by you introducing yourself to my readers; tell them a bit about yourself.

Um…okay. I’m Josh Abrim, but you already know that. (Drops his chin and chuckles). Sorry, I’m a little nervous. I don’t really like talking about myself.

That’s okay. Your modesty is part of your charm. 🙂 Why don’t you tell us how you got started with BMX racing?

I was four-years-old when my dad asked my mom to marry him. He gave her an engagement ring and me a bike. I guess I was a bit of a dare-devil even back then. They got me into racing, figuring it was safer than the stuff I was doing on my own.

What sort of ‘stuff’ were you doing?

I just copied what the big kids were doing. Riding without hands, hopping curbs, riding down stairs, standing on the seat…that sort of thing.

I am a scardy cat and would be terrified of killing myself. Are you ever afraid? How do you push past that?

I was never afraid until after my first real crash. A kid tried to cut me off and bumped my rear tire. We both went to the emergency room. The other kid quit racing. I just got more motivated to get in front fast and stay there

Of course, I can’t mention BMX without thinking about what I heard happened with Channie in the trailer … care to let us know what was going on in your head at the time? 😉

You heard about that? (a crimson flush spreads up Josh’s neck and lights up his ears.) Man. Channie’s gonna kill me.

I was talking about her attempt to create a shield for you. What else happened in there?

Nothing. Nothing at all. You know we can’t touch each other without triggering the chastity curse.

Really? I heard you’d figured out a way to get around that. Something about using gloves?

Okay, that’s enough. What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

Sorry. Let’s move on to something a little less private. Now … Channie. She seems a bit … different. What went through your head when you first met her in the park?

(A smile spreads across Josh’s face.) I thought I was dreaming when she stepped into the moonlight. She looked like an angel. Her hair flowed behind her like a river of molten silver as she walked towards the pavilion. And when she looked at me with those emerald green eyes? Oh man. I thought I was going to pass out.

What did you think when she cast the come-hither spell on you?

I didn’t think. I acted. At the time, I didn’t know it was magic making me so…bold. But I was on fire and the only thing that could put it out was her. Channie will tell you it was just an experiment. She wanted to test her new power-name. But she wanted me to kiss her. It was pure bliss…for about half a second. Then the curse kicked in. I thought she’d hit me with a taser.

As you got to know her a little better, did you think the strange things that happened were all in your head, or did you make any connections that they only happened around her?

I realized that the strange things only happened around Channie, but I never suspected it was magic. I had a hard time believing it even after she told me the truth.

I know her family makes me angry. I can only imagine your first impressions of them. Hold up, I don’t want to imagine, why don’t you tell me?

Her parents scare the sh…crap out of me. Have you seen her dad? He’s freakin’ huge. Even without magic he’d intimidate an NFL linebacker. Her mom’s treated me okay, but there’s something evil about that woman. I don’t trust her.

Now, for the fast five. It’s kind of like a this or that, but feel free to elaborate on the why of anything. 🙂

Cake or Pie

Cornbread. Channie’s cornbread is better than cake and pie combined.

Vampires or Werewolves (if you had to be one)

Werewolf. I’m not a fan of that whole drinking blood thing. Besides, wolves are really cool animals.

Book or Movie (and name your favorite)

Would I sound like a stuck-up jerk if I said my favorite book is “Finding Valor?” It’s not even done yet, but it’s the final book of The Channie Series and I can’t wait to kick some Veyjivik ass. I also can’t wait for Channie and I to get our HEA. I think we’ve earned it.

Home-body or party animal (and describe your perfect night)

Home-body. My perfect night would be anywhere and anytime with Channie and no curses to keep us apart. That’s all I’m gonna say.

BMX or Channie – Just kidding! I wouldn’t make you chose between those two things! 🙂

I’d choose Channie over my own life.

Thanks again for stopping by!

You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

Are there any last thoughts you would like to leave with my readers?

Yeah, there is. (leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees.) I know most girls dream of redeeming the super-hot ‘bad boy’ but don’t overlook the shy, quiet guys. You never know which one of them might have the heart of a hero.

Did I say I loved this kid? Cause I do. He is adorable. If he doesn’t make you want to read this series, I don’t know what will.

What would you have asked Josh given the chance? Leave your questions in the comments sections and I will see if I can get him to stop by and answer a few! 😉

Charlotte Abel was born and raised in Oklahoma where she met her soulmate, Pete. She chased him to Boulder, Colorado and finally convinced him they were meant to be together forever. They’ve raised three kids, two ferrets, three dogs and countless hamsters — and are still happily married.

She’s in love with “real” life and paranormal romance. When she’s not reading or writing, Charlotte enjoys hiking, bicycling and primitive archery (although she’s never shot at anything other than a target!)

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