Coastal Magic Virtual Convention 2021 Featured Author Interview: Gena Showalter!

November 23, 2020 Convention 0

Coastal Magic is a casual reader weekend, *usually* right on “the world’s most famous beach”.  However, for 2021, we’re taking our bookish shenanigans to the interwebs!!

We’d love for you to join us for interesting discussion, fun “meet & greets”, and lots of ways to interact with fellow booklovers and storytellers — all from the comfort of your favorite reading spot!

Even though we won’t be together, we’re still planning to give everyone involved a weekend they’ll remember for years to come.

What a decade this year has been, right? Like most things, this annual convention looks a bit different for 2021. Coastal Magic is going virtual!
One thing has not changed though, and those are the featured author posts! Today I have the honor of hosting a reader favorite – THE Gena Showalter! I had the chance to ask her some … interesting questions. Read on for more, and don’t forget to check out her recent release, The Glass Queen, book #2 in The Forest of Good and Evil series!

Laura: Hi Gena, and welcome! Please take a second and introduce yourself, and tell us about your books.
Gena Showalter: Three facts about me and my books: I married my high school sweetheart. I have 2 adult children…plus 7 dogs and 2 cats, but it’s not weird because I’m a rescue. I write mostly paranormal romance right now, but I’ve also written contemporary, young adult, and sci-fi, and I’ve even co-authored a non-fiction daily guide to help others write their own books.
L: If someone was new to you and wanted to start reading your books, where would you suggest they start?
GS: Because I write so many different kinds of things, I like to ask questions about the other person’s taste in fiction before I make a recommendation. Since I can’t trailer my recommendation to the answers this time, I’ll go by subgenre.
If you like paranormal romance, I would suggest The Darkest Night
If you like contemporary romance: The Secret Fling
If you prefer young adult: The Evil Queen
L: I like all of those suggestions! Speaking of reading – what book are you currently reading?
GS: I’m currently writing a rough draft—a fantasy romance with my wildest characters to date!—so I’m not reading any other authors.
L: What are you working on right now?
GS: I have two open projects at the moment. The Warlord, a hot paranormal romance featuring a ruthless warrior who must wed and sacrifice a virgin—if he fails to resist her for 30 days, he’ll be cursed to 500 years of loss. The other book I’m working on is Heartless, a fantasy romance set in the world of the fae, and it is a passion project. I’m letting my imagination run wild. I want to spill the details, because I’m so in love with the story, but it’s just too soon.
L: SPILL THE TEA. Or, I guess I can be a grown up and wait. Fine. If one of your books were to be picked up by Hollywood, and you could choose, would you rather it be made into a movie or TV show?
GS: Imma just be honest here. I want the one that’s gonna pay me the most for the longest amount of time.
L: I appreciate the honesty. The money aspect gets glossed over a lot, and it is important! What did you want to be when you grew up?
GS: I dropped out of college 3 times, unsure, and I didn’t figure it out until my early twenties. When I realized I wanted to write to publish, I went into full steam ahead mode, writing and learning and researching. I’m still doing those things.
L: What audiobook narrator would you want to narrate your autobiography?
GS: Henry Cavill.
L: OK, time for the weird ones! You’ve been given an elephant that you cannot sell or giveaway. What do you do with it? (If you suggest eating it, just get out now LOL)
GS: The first thing I do is fall in love with him. Yes, I’m his mother now. The second thing I do is find him a mate. No single, lonely elephants on my watch! Thirdly, I celebrate as we welcome the birth of their twins, Hiccup and Flopsy.
L: That is one baby shower I would want an invite to. What would you title your autobiography?
GS: Slaying Dragons With Words
L: If you were getting a new roommate, what would be one “deal breaker” for you?
GS: They’re human.
L: I am going to stop it here, because I now have concerns about this interview … Thank you so much for stopping by to chat! 

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Coastal Magic Virtual Convention 2021 Featured Author Interview: Gena Showalter!The Glass Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil #2) by Gena Showalter
Series: The Forest of Good and Evil #2
Published by Inkyard Press on September 29, 2020
Buy on AmazonBuy on Bookshop

Dare to enter the Forest of Good and Evil, where strength is weakness and weakness is strength. Don’t miss book two of
New York Times
bestselling author Gena Showalter’s magical, romantic and fascinating fairy-tale series, in which the fairy tales we know and love are prophecies of the future…
Unfit to rule.

Princess Ashleigh Charmaine is known as the Glass Princess, fragile enough to shatter with a whisper of wind. Born with a weak heart, she dreams of being treated like anyone else. Unlike her headstrong sisters, she received no magical ability at birth and lives every day expecting to die. Until an oracle announces that Ashleigh is fated to play the part of Cinderella, wed a handsome royal and save the Kingdom of Sevon from the evil king and queen who once ruled the land.
As war rages, Ashleigh begins to doubt her role in the fairy-tale prophecy. Animals despise her, she can’t carry a merry tune and she has zero social graces. Worse, the king she’s supposed to enchant is the newly crowned sovereign of the winged warriors known as the Avian…and he despises her, too.
When Ashleigh develops a terrifying magical ability to commune with dragons and create fire from air—a power she cannot control—she must work with King Saxon to save their kingdoms and their lives. By the stroke of midnight, she must warm his icy heart…or forever break her own. Will Ashleigh ever become the queen she’s prophesied to be…or will she lose everything she’s come to love?


About Gena Showalter

cartoon depiction of Gena Showalter wearing a red shirt and pink butterflies in her hair, with a pink background

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of paranormal and contemporary romance novels, as well as young adult, fantasy and non-fiction. When she isn’t hard at work on her next novel, she’s playing with her menagerie of rescue animals—adopt don’t shop!—telling her husband and kids about every cute thing done by the rescue animals, or binging favorite TV shows.

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