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CMCLargeRec900x600Coming soon – February 2014 – there is a fabulous convention in Daytona Beach called Coastal Magic. I will be there along with lots of fabulous authors and bloggers! Tickets are super reasonable, and there are still several available.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my local favorites – Tawdra Kandle! And I am super jealous of her purple hair, stupid corporate job …

Hi Tawdra! Why don’t we start off by having you introduce yourself and your books to my readers that may not know you yet? Tell them a little about yourself and your books.

Hi, Laura! <waves> Well, let’s see. I’m a writer/mom/wife/publisher/promotions company owner/editor. That’s a lot of slashes, but it basically means I don’t get nearly enough sleep. I live in central Florida with my husband and three of our four children. The oldest is married and insisted on moving out after that, imagine that! I have been a writer my entire life, but I only got serious about fiction about five years ago. My first books were a young adult paranormal romance quartet called The King Series (Fearless, Breathless, Restless and Endless). I have since branched out into adult and new adult romances. My latest release is a New Adult romance called Best Served Cold

I think it is fabulous that this area of Central Florida has SO MANY fantastic authors and bookish people – did you know any of them before you started writing or did you meet them all because of your writing?

I knew one bookish person in central Florida before I was published. I had only lived here about a year when I began writing, so I didn’t know anyone, really. But in the fall of 2008, I met Mandie Stevens, the woman who is now my business partner and fellow writer, in a Twilight Moms online community. We branched off with about five other writers to form a critique and support group, and that was how it all began. Through Mandie, I met a few other local writers, and then in the past year, I’ve been fortunate to get to know even more through events and social media. We have a huge and talented community of writers and passionate book lovers here; it’s pretty incredible.

I really enjoyed our lunch and visit to the used book store the other day. For me there is almost something magical about walking into a book store, and that musty smell that comes with it. What are your feelings when you first walk into a used book store?

I am totally an olfactory girl, so the smell is big with me, too. I can still identify certain books by their scent. . .brings back memories. I also like to see how the store is organized. We have some awesome used book stores in our area, and  they are not the hodge-podge of discarded paperbacks and coffee-table books I was used to in the old days. I love to meet new books that come with a history. 

We didn’t when we were there, but what would you do if you saw one of your books in a used book store? Would you buy it? Sign it? Let the owner know, hey that’s me?

I have had that happen, but usually, I just skulk next to the shelf and snap a pic–for social media sake only, of course. One of my daughters once read a book called something like “Real Life Stories from a Book Store Owner”, about the wacky people who came in and questions they asked, so I am very careful not to be one of the nuts. Now if the owner recognized me and asked me to sign it. . .but of course!

You spent a lot of time with the classics, do you have a favorite? What is the one classic that you think everyone should read?

I think everyone should read at least one Shakespeare play in his or her lifetime. I am a huge lover of the Bard, and I have happily passed that love on to my children. All of his work is so rich in meaning and nuance. . .the language is incredible, and the way it still influences our speech today is pretty amazing.  Aside from Uncle William, I have a place in my heart for Dickens, particularly “A Tale of Two Cities”, and for certain American writers like Harper Lee, Tennessee Williams and Edgar Allen Poe. I am not a fan of Ernest Hemingway. We just never clicked. 

Now on to Coastal Magic – what are you most excited about for this one? I am super excited to meet new people, and see people I have gotten to know better over the last year, like you!

I always look forward to seeing people I only ‘see’ online most of the year. I had a blast last year on the flash fiction panels, even though they scared me to death.  I like just hearing what’s going on with other authors and with bloggers, catching up and meeting new people, too. And of course, seeing my favorite central Florida bloggers 🙂

Is there an author coming that you are nervous about meeting? Usually at these events there is one author that I know I will say something stupid in front of, and last year for me it was Pamela Palmer.

Oh, goodness, I am sure I have the potential to say something stupid in front of each and every author attending! At least once. I’m excited to meet Angie Fox and Laura Kaye. And everyone else, too.

Now onto the miscellaneous – you mentioned during lunch that you home-schooled your kids. How hard is that to do and still find time to write? Do you schedule your day out and have set times for school, writing, play, etc?

It sounds more complicated than it is. My kids were all a little older when I began writing in earnest, and at this point, I only have one at home schooling; the rest have graduated. We did have to make some concessions to my writing, in that we began schooling year-around to accommodate the cave weeks–those days when I have to burrow down to finish a book. I don’t schedule strictly, because my experience has been that I get too hung up on times and fitting things into a rigid schedule. But we get it all done, somehow. 

And probably the most important question – dogs or cats? 🙂

That IS the most important question. Well, I am Anglican, which means we don’t hold to a doctrine of either/or, we embrace both/and. So in that light, I will say BOTH cats and dogs. I live with five spoiled cats and one spoiled dog who probably thinks he is a cat. I love them all. 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me and help my readers get to know you a little better today! I am certainly looking forward to Coastal Magic and seeing you again!

Best Served Cold-SMcover

















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And don’t forget to enter the giveaway to have your admission to Coastal Magic paid for! Are you planning to go? Let me know! I hope to see you there!

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