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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

She really does! Just enter the giveaway at the end of this post after you check out her Creature Feature, and my reviews of her books. She is a very entertaining lady and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. She’s taught me quite a few things lately, including some new insults that I just can’t wait to use! I can see where her heroine gets her sarcasm and sense of humor!



Demonic Creature Feature
by Claire Chilton


The Demon Diaries series includes a lot of hellish creatures, so when the opportunity to do a creature feature came about, I jumped at the chance.

In Demonic Dora , the first book in The Demon Diaries, Dora Carridine meets some pretty strange creatures on her journey through Hell, including a bipolar sorceress-in-law, BDSM grannies and baby books puking all over the place. But that’s not all. You can find out more about some of the other creatures from the first book listed below:


Pooey – This depressed, little brown demon has epic ninja skills and a mouth like a sewer. Pooey’s a very old demon, and his origins are yet to be explored fully in the series. Making an appearance halfway through the first book, he quickly made himself into a main character by wooing us all with his ‘why bother? I’m doomed anyway’ attitude and will be getting his own story later in the series. Origins: He was formed by a combination of the ninja skills of my kitten, my own reaction to disappointment *face-ice cream* and the words that spill from my boyfriend’s mouth sometimes (don’t tell him I said that). Pooey is a unique creature with the ability break into anywhere and pout his way out of most situations.




Demon Dragons – These majestic creatures reside in Hell as dinosaurs turned demon, but dragons in Hell are not all that they seem. If a dragon kills you, your soul vanishes. Origins: For once I used logic (twisted though it may be) to find a reason for the species. A dragon = a dinosaur with some demon in it. Well, it makes sense to me. :p

Dark Fairies – In the form of tiny little people with wings and a wand, these demonic creatures are patrons of the arts. Often found performing gruesome artistic shows in Hell, they have also been known to babysit hell-spawn. With powers of illusion, they can cause even the nicest demon a headache if they get paid enough to do it. They can be spotted by the trails of fairy dust they leave behind or if they are shouting loudly. Origins: I imagined what Tinkerbell in biker boots would be like, and Spazmerelda magically appeared.


The creature feature continues in the second book, Deceased Dora, which will be coming out later in 2013. Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the freaky creatures you can look forward to (or laugh at) in the second book in the series:


imagesSuicidal Vampires – When you’re a Victorian vampire with a penchant for flowery prose and a bit of an emo, nothing says it like trying to kill yourself over a failed wooing. Of course, you’re screwed if you’re un-dead because you’ll just keep coming back. Meet Terrance: Current suicide rate 254 times and counting. Origins: Terrance was just waiting to be written about, and he’s a polite sort of chap, so he didn’t mind waiting a few hundred years, but he probably killed himself ten times because of the delay.

werewolfBare-Assed WerewolvesIn times of war between werewolves and vampires, your ass is really on the line when a full moon is the source of your power, and you have to flash your backside at your enemies to defeat them. Ever wonder why crazy people often drop their pants under a full moon and werewolves are often found naked in the woods? The power of a full moon is legendary, even un-dead creatures like the immortal vampire will hiss and cringe away from a shiny naked butt in their face. Origins: Comedy horror and the words ‘full moon’. I couldn’t help myself.

Were-Squirrels – They’re cute and cuddly as they scamper across the grass, but are you sure they’re studying that acorn and not you? Why are there so many of them around you anyway? Weren’t there only two or three a minute ago? Wait a minute, are they following you? When you stare down into the innocent eyes of a cute little squirrel, you don’t expect it to smile evilly at you and launch at your face. Be wary of the cute and fluffy things. Sometimes, the cuteness can kill you! Origins: I was once stalked by a large group of squirrels in a park in Wales. They acted all innocent, but I knew they were following me for some nefarious reason, frisky little fur-balls of terror that they are.

 Sunicornkanky Unicorns – When Dora meets her first unicorn, she doesn’t expect it to be covered in mould, rot and to smell like ass, but this one has been in storage for a long time and can only fly if someone shakes a fairy over its back. Meet Skanky, the old factory unicorn with an aroma that taints the air you breathe. Origins: Nothing is totally pure, even unicorns have got to have a bad hair day, right?

I hope you enjoyed this. I love all the little monsters in my world, even the squirrels. 🙂

Claire Chilton, author of the books in The Demon Diaries series.




Demonic Dora

demonic dora

Dora Carridine is trying to summon a demon, but she’s not very good at Latin and nothing ever works out the way she plans.

Her life is fraught with weekly exorcisms and having to watch her father’s fire and brimstone TV show every Sunday. So, when Dora finally succeeds in summoning an incompetent demon lord, she’s absolutely delighted when all hell breaks loose.

She thought summoning a sexy demon lord would be the answer to all of her problems, but her problems are only just beginning when her zealot parents try to burn her at the stake, and Dora is left with only one option—to escape and follow her demon straight into Hell.


 My Review

Holy crap, I don’t even know where to start with this review. I requested this book from Netgalley because I thought the cover was kind of cool, and the synopsis sounded interesting. I thought it would be something different and fun to read  between more serious books I was reading because it wasn’t real long and I thought I could read it pretty quickly. I figured it would make an easy review and blog post.

This book wasn’t entirely what I expected. It was freaking hilarious. I’m trying to figure out how exactly the author came up with some of the things that she did for this book without peeing her pants.  I never would have thought of some of this stuff, but I’m so glad she did. I read it in less than a day because I really did not want to put it down. I took a bath instead of a shower so I could read it in the tub. I even read it while I washed dishes. I wanted to know what was going to happen!  To say that this book was interesting is an understatement. My husband looked at me like I was nuts when I was laughing out loud at some of the references in this book. He also told me to quit texting him at work because I kept telling him funny things that were said.

I’m not entirely sure what this book is classified as because Dora is a teenager, but there is a ton of swearing and toilet humor. The sexual content is pretty minimal and is mostly in the form of crude comments. I would probably let my 8th grader read it, but that is me. Always read the book before you let your kids read it and then make the decision from there. My kid is different from yours, so use your good judgment. I’m comfortable with my daughter hearing f-bombs, but nothing crazier than a kissing sex scene if that gives you an idea as to what I will tolerate. I won’t let her read sexy-talk.

Dora’s parents are insane. They are super religious and her dad has a tv show. He is convinced vegetarians are going to Hell for being abominations. Dora does not fit in with them at all and is convinced she can conjure a demon. Well, she does something alright! And it makes her parents so angry that they decide to do an exorcism on her. The story goes downhill from there and poor Dora finds herself escaping to Hell with a pretty hot sounding guy whose father is the lord of a part of Hell. We are given a tour of Hell essentially and I’ve got to say, from that perspective, I’m not sure it would be that bad. Obviously it would suck if you were on the receiving end of the punishments, but on the giving end, not so much. There is Corporate Hell, which is pretty funny, and then my favorite part of the book. There is a special place in Hell for people who “hurt books”. I’ve always said there was a special place in Hell for people like that, and I’m glad someone else shares my opinion. Its people who pirate books, and troll reviewers (people who write bad reviews just to be jerks regardless of whether they have actually read the book or not. Unfortunately these people really exist). Along the way Dora picks up a pet demon she affectionately names “Pooey” who seems to be a manically depressed ball of fur really. He is hilarious in his own way.

I think I identified with Dora in a lot of ways as well. She doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere, so she is just trying to be somewhere that she can be herself.  I think I’ve felt that way for most of my life. Kiernan is a pretty boy demon who has parents just like anyone else who he doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye with about his future.  He sounds like any other hormone driven teenage boy on earth. The difference is he can pop horns out of his head and make his eyes glow like fire. Which would have made him pretty hot to me, had I met him when I was a teenager lol.

Behind all of the humor of this book, there really is a plot. I can’t really tell you much more about it without giving away too much of the story, and this really is something you should experience yourself. It’s not the most intense or involved story out there, but it is great entertainment and I’m pretty sure this book was intended for entertainment and not some life changing moment. I have a really bad sense of humor that borders on childish at times. Very similar to that of a 12 year old boy. Poop jokes make me giggle. Boob jokes are even better. So please do not make the mistake of taking this book seriously. Read and enjoy it for what it is, entertainment!

I recommend this book to anyone with a great sense of humor who is looking for a book that’s a little bit different.  The story was pretty good, but the humor is really what did it for me. It’s a quick and easy read that will keep you laughing on almost every page.



Out Now:

A Hint of Magic (The Demon Diaries) and Demonic Dora

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A Hint of Hell (The Demon Diaries#1.5) and Deceased Dora (The Demon Diaries#2)




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All about Claire

Claire Chilton

Claire Chilton is a geek-girl, high-school drop-out, who somehow managed to get an English degree in spite of never taking a single GCSE, although she once taught them! She’s done every job on the planet at least once – except astronaut, and won an award for being ‘most likely to trip over the red carpet and flash her arse at the cameras’.

She currently runs her own business online. And she is a writer of young adult fiction, which she affectionately calls her ‘editing nightmares’.

She gets distracted easily by shiny things and is currently investigating the washing machine mystery of ‘what happened to the other sock’.


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