Book Tour: Winged by LM Pruitt

February 22, 2013 Book Reviews, Book Tour 1

Winged Button 300 x 225

Paperback, 410 pages

Published February 5th 2013 by Red Hot Publishing

I fell from the Talmadge Bridge the week before I turned thirty.

I was given a choice: Go to Heaven. Go back to my life in Savannah. Or spend eternity fighting evil under the direction of the archangels.

I chose the demons–and the angels.

I chose the Winged.


I didn’t know what to think going into this book. Especially when I realized it was another angel book, and I had just finished 2 others; one mediocre and one decent. But I freaking loved it for some unknown reason. And that makes me happy 🙂 I guess I was going through an angel kick when I signed up to be on all these tours. And I wasn’t sure I was going to even get a chance to read this one, but boy am I glad I did.

Joanne’s life sucked. Well, ok maybe it wasn’t horrible, it was just, stifling. So when she dies doing something terribly heroic, she jumps at the chance to become a Winged, human not quite angels, that help battle demons. But there is pretty intensive training involved. With the Archangels. Who of course are sexy. And she manages to catch their eye on day one. But not in the best of ways.

And that’s when things get interesting. Pruitt has a way of taking you on a journey, that you think is predictable, then spins it and you have no clue where it is going. Then you are settled in a peaceful blanket of familiarity again and just when you get comfortable, some jerk comes along and steals your blanket. What an ass.

And the sex … *fans self* is very hot. And OH MY GOSH she wasn’t a virgin? What is this world coming to? I’ll tell you, more relate-able characters, that’s what.

I really don’t want to say any more about the book, for fear of giving things away. While I wouldn’t call the twists HUGE, they are part of what made the book fun for me. And I want it to be fun for you too.




And now I have a guest post from Pruitt talking about one her favorite things … research!

ReWriting History

Historical Events in Fiction

One of the best things about being a writer is having the opportunity to do research. That may sound silly but one of my favorite things is doing research—reading all the sources, searching for more, combing through rarely read books and reports looking for little tidbits of information. During my youth, when I still had the luxury of free time, I would spend hours in the library, reading everything I could about a certain subject before moving on to another. At one point, I could regale you with stories of the Elizabethan court and follow it up with stories about the slums in Five Points, New York.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone how much I love to incorporate history and culture into my books. I’ve done it with the Jude Magdalyn series and New Orleans, with the Moon Rising series and Southern culture and with Frankie Post and noir. Where I’ve really had the opportunity to stretch my research wings is with the Winged series.

Without giving too much away, a good portion of the training for the Winged recruits involves recreating historical battles. In the first book alone, there are three exercises, two of which are experienced first hand by the main character. In order to get those details correct, I had to do a lot of very specific research on everything from Scottish geography to the invention of hand sanitizer. I also got to scour the Internet for hours searching for all the details about events such as the Stonewall Inn Riot, which while culturally significant hasn’t made it into a lot of history books.

In other words, I got to have a lot of fun.

The fun only continues in the second book, Uprising. There’s a huge chunk of time spent at the Siege of Calais, which is not nearly as boring as it sounds. There’s also some research involving Denver zip codes, Miami night clubs and Savannah shopping districts. While those don’t fall into the historical aspect of research, it’s still research.

And it’s fun as hell.


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