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by Rachel Van Dyken
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Ruthless Princess: A Mafia Royals Romance about best friends turned enemies, by Rachel Van Dyken, the number one New York Times bestselling author of the Eagle Elite series is LIVE.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

I never thought my father would ask this of me, to become the second generation at Eagle Elite University, to rule with an iron fist, and to take care of anyone who gets in our way.

But ever since the incident.

Ever since Him.

There’s been a war in our little clique.

After all, a house divided cannot stand.

He’s the problem, not me.

He used to kiss me like I was his oxygen.

Now he looks at me like I’m his poison.

But we both drank it, again and again, never believing there would be a day when our love would start a war.

And our friendship would shatter into a million pieces.

Then again, the worst thing you could do in the mafia is hang on to hope that your life will be normal.

The second worst thing?

Fall in love with your best friend.


And heir to the Nicolasi throne.


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The next generation of the cosa nostra is facing the reality of what being born into royalty is all about. As the children of the Eagle Elite, a standard has been written in stone for those to follow. They have been groomed for years for the moment when their generation would take over the reigns of a legacy that is greater than any one member. That time to rule is NOW!!


Rules were implemented for a reason. Serena and Junior have broken the sacramental rule of not dating within the group. The duo finds themselves burning with a fever for the other that outshines the forbidden. A test of their loyalty will pull Serena and Junior apart, divided by the legacy of their family. Uncovering the existence of the DeLange dynasty takes precedence over all activities. With their lives hanging in the balance, Serena and Junior cannot ignore the pull of their feelings for one another. What is the cost of their forbidden love when the rules are simple and clear?


Oh my word!! As a fan of the Eagle Elite series, I have to admit I became giddy when Rachel Van Dyken announced she was gracing readers with a new legacy in the empire that kept readers coming back for more. The Mafia Royals is the first book that will pull you into the new generation of the Elite. This book has it all……death, the mafia hierarchy, and passion of the forbidden. From the very first chapter, I was obsessed. The offspring of the Elite are coming out swinging and taking no prisoners!!


Ruthless Princess has laid the groundwork of an exciting and epic new series!! Simply put…..I couldn’t get enough. The new generation of mafia descendants has set the bar high. Their legacy will differ from their parents, but the turmoil will definitely be lurking beneath the surface. An excellent book that holds the promise of what is yet to come.






He licked his lips and repeated what he always did when we had to perform, when we had to do our jobs. “I won’t be gentle with you.”

Our foreheads touched, my chest heaved with exertion like it was hard to breathe when he was so near, but really it was the promise that killed me, a promise that he wouldn’t enjoy touching me ever again, that I was more curse than cure, and yet, I knew it was all we would ever get, these fleeting moments where we did our job too well. “Then make it hurt, baby.” My voice cracked. “Make it hurt.”

His lips parted in a groan as he spun me into his arms and crushed his mouth to mine. It was part pain, part pleasure as he pulled my hair then slid a hand up my shirt like nobody was watching when everyone was.

We broke apart, mouths swollen, my lower lip was bleeding.

A reminder for both of us—this was no cease-fire, this wasn’t real, it was all a carefully constructed show.

“Mmmmm…” I smirked. “Looks like Junior’s not playing around tonight, ladies.”

Screams went up as Junior grabbed my ass and squeezed so hard, I knew I would bruise later. He roughly pulled me against his chest and nipped at my neck.

I told my body it didn’t feel good.

I told my heart we were safe.

And I forced myself to believe the lie every single time we touched.

Because to do otherwise—would destroy me.



About Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyken is a New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author. When she’s not writing about hot hunks for her Regency romance or New Adult fiction books, Rachel is dreaming up new hunks. (The more hunks, the merrier!) While Rachel writes a lot, she also makes sure she enjoys the finer things in life—like The Bachelor and strong coffee.

Rachel lives in Idaho with her husband, son, and two boxers.

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