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by Brittainy C. Cherry
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Each day I prayed for my husband to love me again.

After fifteen years together, he walked away from me, and into the arms of another.

I didn’t know how to cope. I didn’t know my worth. I didn’t know how to exist without him by my side.

All I wanted was for him to come back to me.

Then, Jackson Emery appeared.

He was supposed to be a distraction for my mind. A summer fling. A confidence boost to my bruised heart.

We were perfect for one another, because we both knew we wouldn’t last. Jackson didn’t believe in commitment, and I no longer believed in love. He was too closed-off for me, and I was too damaged for him.

Everything was fine, until one night my heart skipped a beat.

I didn’t expect him to make me laugh. To make me think. To make my sadness somewhat disappear.

When our time was up, my heart didn’t know how to walk away.

Each day I prayed for my husband to love me again, yet slowly my prayers began to shift toward the man who wasn’t right for me.

I prayed for one more smile, one more kiss, one more laugh, one more touch…

I prayed for him to be mine.

Even though I knew his heart wasn’t destined to love.

*This book was previously known as Between the Notes.*


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“I’ve read about boys like you in books, ya know,” she whispered, her fingers slowly spinning spirals on my chest.

“Oh, yeah? What did those books teach you about boys like me?”

“Well…” She bit her bottom lip, and with a small inhalation, she whispered, “They taught me to stay away.”

“Then why are you so close?”

She tilted her head up, looking me straight in the eyes. “Because in those stories, the heroine never ever listens.”

“And then there’s trouble?” I asked.

“Yes, and then there’s trouble.”

From the way she said those words, I knew trouble was exactly what she was in search of. We were the classic cliché. She was the good girl next door, I the monster from around the block. We were perfect opposites for the perfect storm, and she was asking me to be her next flaw, her greatest mistake.

And, well, who was I not to live up to her request?

“I could destroy you,” I warned.

“Or save me.”

“Is it worth the risk?”

“Isn’t it always worth the risk?”

The more she touched me, the more I wanted to touch her back. I wrapped my hands around her wrists flipping us around so she was now against the wall with her hands above her head. “I have rules.” I leaned in closer, lightly brushing my lips against her neck. God, she smelled good, like peaches and my next sin. “You can’t break these rules, either.” My tongue rolled from my mouth and circled against her neck before I gently sucked her skin.

She shivered at my touch. “What are they?”

“Rule one,” I whispered, my mouth moving across her collarbone. “You never stay the night.”


“Rule number two,” I said, dropping her left arm to the side. Taking my hand to the bottom of her blouse, I slowly raised it up and massaged her skin. “You never develop feelings.”

“That’s easy enough,” she replied, her breaths uneven as I teased at the top button on her jeans. “I don’t believe in feelings anymore.”

I didn’t know why, but that made me sad for her. I, too, didn’t believe in falling for people, but that was my norm. Grace seemed the type to believe in something bigger than love, so the fact that her belief was completely gone was a bit surprising.

Maybe we had more in common than I thought.

“Rule number three…we don’t talk about my life.”

“Like ever?”



“And lastly, rule number four…” My mouth brushed against hers, and I slid my tongue slowly across her bottom lip. “If your favorite pair of panties get ripped, don’t expect me to replace them.”






Unanswered prayers……something Grace knows to the depths of her soul. For 15 years – Grace gave up her dreams for the man she loved. Finn’s dream overtook their marriage. Leading the couple through trials and tribulations that Grace was happy to dive into. The one thing that they couldn’t achieve was the dream for a family. Miscarriage after miscarriage plagued the couple. Driving Grace into despair and leading her to withdraw from life. The last thing Grace expected was that longing would be the push her husband needed to seek comfort in the arms of another. An end to the life that Grace wanted, but not an end to the love that she possessed for the man that was supposed to be there through thick and thin.


With the realization that moving back to her hometown would start the gossip spreading, Grace headed to the one place where her feelings would matter the least. Back to the town that knows her as the preacher’s daughter. A place where Grace is expected to hold her head high and roll with the punches.  Insult and not so subtle whispering is directed Grace’s way. Through it all Grace tried to keep her pride. A task that was weaning with each passing day. Until Grace crossed paths with Jackson.


Jackson was everything that Finn was not. As the local ‘bad boy’, Jackson has seen his fair share of women strolling in and out of his door. With his father always drunk beyond reproach, Jackson definitely doesn’t possess the passion for life that one would expect from someone so ‘popular’. As a mechanic at his father’s garage, Jackson keeps to himself. Except for those stolen moments he can be found in the local bookstore or in the park. Grace knows there is more to Jackson that the hardened exterior that is shown to the rest of the town.


Nothing prepared Jackson for the moment he crossed paths with Grace. The little rich girl who was the epitome of everything that Jackson hated about this town and the people that resided in it. A ‘princess’ if you will to the ‘royal’ family…..the preacher’s daughter. Everything that Jackson wants to ‘hate’. That is easier said than done. Nothing about Grace is as it seems. The more that Jackson pushes Grace away, the more he becomes captivated by her heart. How can one person take all of the sadness away so easily?


Let me take a breath for a moment…….can I tell you how much I loved this book?? Every single time I pick up a Brittainy Cherry book – I know that I am about to be transported into an emotional journey that will be unforgettable. Disgrace was truly that kind of story!! Grace and Jackson are unlike any characters you have met before. In fact – their journey will consume you, capture you in its grasp, and leaves you with the realization that even the most broken soul can find redemption. This novel is another HUGE hit from Brittainy Cherry that I am not sure to forget anytime soon. What I can do is tell you to add this one to your TBR…or better yet…one click Disgrace TODAY!!








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Brittainy C. Cherry has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to take part in writing screenplays, acting, and dancing–poorly of course. Coffee, chai tea, and wine are three things that she believes every person should partake in.

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