Birthday Bash Part 7 by Cat from Addicted 2 Heroines

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…Laura shrieked in surprise at the abrupt maneuver and then shrieked again as she lost her grip on the saddle’s horn. Prince’s strong arms around her waist were all that prevented her from falling. She looked over her shoulder to thank her guardian and long-time companion, but was suddenly thrown from her seat as a sudden force collided with them from above.

Laura felt the loss of Prince’s warmth against her back and panic quickly set in as she slowly slid down Vortex’s side. She made a desperate attempt to hold on, scrambling to find purchase on the dragon‘s thick, scaly hide.

She caught a brief glimpse of Prince engaged in combat against two of the flying monkeys, their eyes red with rage and their mouths opened wide to display razor sharp teeth coated with blood. The creatures emitted a foul odor that she could smell despite the raging winds and she noticed that a lumpy black substance was smeared all over their bodies. Wait, was that…

“Oh, shit!” She was falling!  Laura swallowed a gasp and her arms pin wheeled as she plummeted toward the ground far below. Feelings of terror and utter hopelessness seized her as she realized that there would be no one to save her before she plunged to her death.

Seconds later…she was still falling. Laura, being well known for her short attention span, began to distract herself by observing the landscape surrounding her. She noticed the faint glow of pulsating lights outlining a hilly landscape straight ahead. To her left, a large lake appeared to be boiling and hissing with steam. She also peeked at the spot directly below her where she would soon meet her fate, but suddenly all she could see was the color red.

Laura’s eyes widened in shock. The cape had reappeared! Or had it? At first glance, it resembled the same hooded cape that had threatened to subdue her. But as it floated beneath Laura‘s outstretched form, she began to see tiny gold designs of jeweled crowns, wolf heads, and various letters stitched into the crimson fabric.

As the cape drifted closer, the small designs began to glimmer and glow with an effect that immediately warmed her skin. She now felt a calming reassurance by its presence and knew with certainty that the cape was sent to save her.

She gathered it in her arms, searching for the ties to fasten around her neck. Flipping the cape around, she secured it in place and then suddenly she was . . .

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