Birthday Bash Part 10 by My Mom

August 15, 2013 Giveaway, Guest Post 4


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…Began trying to tear the sickening creature from Prince’s body. She clawed kicked at the creature trying to remember what she had been taught in her self-defense class, panicky to stop it from attacking her beautiful Prince. Her strength was fading when suddenly, out of nowhere, an arm covered with hair, grabbed her around the waist and yanked her away. She was flung against the wall of the cave and breathlessly sank to the floor. When she looked up a wolf-like man was fighting the creature and winning.

While she was relieved she was also filled with anxiety. You know how the story goes – Little Read Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf – it just can’t end well. A rancid smell filled the cave and the creature vaporized into a black mist. While watching the wolf decimate the creature, Laura was plotting her escape. Would Prince be ok enough to run? Maybe! If he wasn’t, could she possibly carry him? The answer to that was a big fat NO. She knew she could never leave Prince but how would she get the 2 of them away? She sat, tears streaming down her face, and waited hopelessly for her demise. The wolf turned, approached and she screamed. Then she thought – she must be mistaken – the wolf said her name?? She looked up, hoping she was right, and suddenly she knew she was rescued. She looked in the wolf’s eyes and immediately recognized them as her true love. “David” she softly said, her heart warming.

She saw Prince stirring in the background and immediately rushed to his side. Wolf David stood next to her praying he had made it in time to save Prince. Prince sat up and began to survey his wounds. Suddenly, this rough, red, and strangely long tongue came out of his mouth and he began to lick the cuts and scrapes. They watched as the wounds miraculously began to heal. Soon, he was up and stretching the soreness away. If only he could heal the pesky limp. That sneaky tongue then swiped across David’s fur covered face. “PRINCE STOP THAT!!!” David yelled.

Laura immediately begun slinging questions David’s way. “How did you find me? Where am I? What happened? Why are you a wolf? How do we get back home? Where are our other animals?” And, on and on and on. David let her be hysterical for a few minutes before he screamed, “LAURA SHUT UP”. She instantly stopped talking and broke into sobs. He held her for a few minutes and then told her she had to get herself together so that they could finish what had to be done.  

David then handed her a basket telling her that she might need it for the next part of the adventure. She asked if it was magic and he answered….

My mom has been my mom for 31 years. She has been a Stay at Home Mom, Teacher’s Aid, and Office Manager, but most importantly, my friend. She has 2 other children, a son and a daught, but as they are younger than me they hold no significance. She can be contacted by leaving a blog comment, because if I can count on anything she will always read my blog. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Birthday Bash Part 10 by My Mom”

  1. Crystal Leo

    Mrs. Moore… you are the best kind of awesomesauce! 😀

    And your awesomeness has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you brought Laura into this world and everything to do with the fact that you told her to shut up in your part of the story. LOLOLOLOL JUST KIDDING!

    • Nanette

      Oh my Crystal, that just made me laugh a LOT. We raised amazing kids in spite of ourselves. There was a ton of luck involved and maybe even a few real “shut ups” said. 😉

      • Crystal Leo

        Glad I could make you laugh.

        And I can totally believe that there were real live ‘shut up’ moments for Laura and the others. I have 2 little girls myself… so I’m occasionally reminded by them that it’s a ‘mean’ thing to say. I can’t help myself sometimes though. The youngest sounds like a cat being drowned when she sings and the oldest is going to grow up to become an evil genius dictator of the known universe. They’re enough to both equally love and also want to tell them ‘shut up’. LOL.

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