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April 1, 2014 Events 1

So about four months ago I heard from Little Read through Facebook how there was a campaign to send autographed books to troops in Kuwait and Afghanistan.  Books as most of you know help with homesickness, during times of stress, when you can’t fall asleep, and when you need something to take your mind off where you are and what you are doing.

Armand Rosemilia an author out of Florida has really been spearheading this campaign and has been doing a great job at it.

On a personal note I have had family and friends stationed overseas and I know how hard it is for them, and how much they look forward to boxes.  Having just published my non-fiction book, I sent a couple of copies but I also wanted to get the campaign some coverage.

Since he is a radio personality he is much better at explaining the project than me. Here is a good press release regarding what Armand is doing and how you can help.

In the last four months he has collected over 1750 books from 225 authors from around the United States.

He is still accepting books from authors and agencies that have been signed by the authors.  I only could send two, I have seen some authors send one of each book, and others send 50 of a book.  If you can help please do so.  If you’re not an author or do not have any books to send, he also needs funds to send the books. Even with media mail these boxes are going to add up.

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