ARC Review: The Way We Burn by M. Leighton

June 16, 2018 Book Reviews 0

by Michelle Leighton



Irresistible attraction. Unimaginable danger.

I knew from the moment Noah Williamson walked into the diner that he was haunted—deeply haunted—but I couldn’t resist the lure of him. He was gorgeous and fascinating and mysterious, and like a delicate moth to a brilliant blue flame, I was drawn to him. Drawn to his fire.

But if I’d known about his job, about what happened to his wife, I’d have run the other way. Before I got caught up in the red-hot blaze of his life. Before everything in my world got burned to the ground.

It’s too late to run now. I hesitated and that was it. I fell. I fell for him before I knew there was danger in loving him.

Noah once told me that this is the way we burn—together or not at all. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant.

Now I do.


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Tragedy can catapult your life in ways that you never could have predicted. When that tragedy results in the loss of a child, no one can imagine the pain and despair that results from that event. Noah Williamson knows the pain of loss. In fact – he has experienced more than his fair share. How he carries on will the deciding factor on how his future will be impacted from the past.

Loss has led Noah to the diner that he finds himself visiting every morning. Each morning like clockwork, Noah walks into the diner and heads straight to the section of the diner where he knows that Poppy will be working. With a pull towards the waitress, Noah cannot help but try to make conversation with Poppy with each passing day. A slow moving task, but one that leaves them both wondering more about the other.

Poppy doesn’t know a lot about the man that frequents her section of the diner. She can tell you what his food and beverage preferences are, but cannot really tell you anything more intimate about the man that pulls her face into a smile. What Poppy does notice is the fractured soul of a man that is in that diner day in and day out. Noah’s blue eyes have a story to tell, and Poppy isn’t opposed to being the one to delve into his heart.

When Noah asks Poppy to meet him outside of the diner, confusion and curiosity wreck her brain. An anticipation to learn more about the elusiveness that Noah exhibits. Knowing nothing about his man should send up warning flags to Poppy…..only it doesn’t. What she didn’t expect was the slow pace to which Noah led their venture upon. If only Poppy would have know what secrets were lurking beyond their meeting. Would she have taken Noah up on his request? Time has its own way of revealing the past, and Noah and Poppy are about to shatter that barrier in the most unexpected of ways.

Wow……just wow!! First let me start by saying that Michelle Leighton took the style of writing that she has done in the past and turned it upside down. The Way We Burn was nothing like I expected, and everything that I didn’t realize I ‘needed’. A story that is engaging with a twist so profound, the revelation left me reeling!
This is definitely that ‘one novel’ that has a story that’s just waiting to escape with written words. Get ready to be glued to your readers because everything you THINK you know going into this story will be turned on its head. A fantastic journey that Michelle Leighton has penned with such ease it should really be a sin!! Trust me….add this one to your MUST READ list today!! (You can thank me later!)





About Michelle Leighton

With sales nearing the two million mark, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and internationally bestselling author M. Leighton is now turning her pen toward another side of relationships with her work as Michelle Leighton. From her upcoming emotionally charged story, The Dandelion, to her domestic noir entitled Strings, Michelle’s stories are sure to bring all the depth you’ve come to expect from M. Leighton with a new edge that will have you quickly turning page after page.

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