About The Blog

Having been obsessed with books nearly as long as I can remember, the next logical step on the crazy-train that is my thought process was to start a book review blog! 😉

Most of the books reviewed fall into the fantasy/paranormal/urban fantasy genres, so don’t expect anything political, non-fiction, or anything along those lines. My theory, when it comes to books, is I am reading them for an escape, so why the f*@k would I want to read something based on reality? I should also probably mention that this blog will occasionally contain adult language, and adult discussions, so if you are easily offended, this probably isn’t the right blog for you to follow.

This is meant to be fun, so please keep comments from being hateful toward others. It is perfectly fine to disagree, however know this is my place, so I am always right ;-).

I am also a member of some affiliate programs, which means when you click on links to buy things I may make some money. However in the last 6 months I have made $3.44, so it isn’t a large sum. 🙂 I will put any money made this way back into the blog, in the form of giveaways for you. Unless otherwise mentioned, all giveaways come out of my own pocket.

I do sometimes get books for free from authors/publishers/NetGalley/Edelweiss/other sources in exchange for a review. I purchase the rest.