About Us!

favicon-redMy name is Laura and I am an avid reader of all things paranormal. You name it, I’ve read something in that genre. I love discovering previously unheard of authors and have become friends with several of my favorites! That, and meeting other bloggy friends, is my favorite thing about blogging.

I live in Central Florida with my husband, 2 dogs, and a cat. I work with dogs, so you could say my two favorite things are, well, books and dogs! Fortunately my other half supports both of these hobbies. 🙂


575731_10150736597299509_311591975_nHello! I’m Emmalee, I live about an hour from the city of Chicago, with my two and a half year old son and husband. And I’ve loved reading as long as I can remember. I started out in junior high with adult mysteries, then fantasy, then I very happily discovered paranormal and urban fantasy. Up until three years ago I lived at home with my parents in a beautiful 120 year old Victorian home (my childhood home) that could make you believe ghost stories are real, it doesn’t help that my mother goes above and beyond for Halloween to make it seem haunted. I adore animals, but we don’t have any at this time.

My last little tidbit, I was an athlete in high school, I high jumped for my track team and held the school record for quite a few years, I was also one of the first girls in my hometown to qualify for state in track. I also was MVP on my bowling team my senior year bowling a 246 high game at semi-sectionals.


Let me introduce myself…..I am one of the newest members of Little Read Riding Hood. My name is Julie and I reside in Virginia. Born and raised on the Blue Ridge, I am a wife and mother that stays on the ‘run’. Living in a rural area keeps me busy!!

One of my biggest obsessions is reading (and Starbucks!!). I have also passed my love of reading on to all of my children!! I don’t define myself to a certain genre. One of the reasons…..I am drawn to a ‘good book’. One that is written well, draws me into the world the author created, and leaves me thinking about it long after turning that last page. Feeling the emotions is an important part of any journey through written words.

If I had to say what genres are my ‘go to’ choices it would be Erotic, New Adult, Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal, and Fantasy. (I really narrowed it down – didn’t I?) So – look for reviews from me to reflect my feelings on what I have read.  Now – excuse me while I indulge in an iced coffee and my Kindle!!